Palma D. Cooper
Offers therapeutic massage and time honored asian relaxation and healing therapies: Reflexology, Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu in the Emerald Coast of Florida, Destin and St Petersburg area


Palma, you gave me among the best massages I have had in the past several years. Your massaging technique is as good as the "Kerala massage" I had in India a few years ago.
Meeting Palma and having her do Jin Shin Jyutsu on me has had such a positive impact on my daily life it is hard to explain or even to believe.  The greatest part about Jin Shin Jyustsu is that is self-help.  I can do it almost anywhere, it is easy, and it works for me!  It is also non judgemental.
     My story is:  I started loosing my balance in 1993. Finally I was diagnosed in 2010 at Mayo Clinic as having athrophy of the cerebellar with Atxia-no treatment.  I now use a walker and felt hopeless before Palma and Jin Shin Jyutsu.  I still use a walker but am able to do more and at times have no pain, best of all I have more energy and hope!
  I have continued main stream medicine and have tried many alternative modalities, none  offer self-help which is very important  because of cost and we can't always go to our practicioners.  After a session with Palma I feel truely energized, not only my body but my mind (thinking) and spirit.
     Please consider trying Jin Shin Jyutsu with Palma.  I tried it.  NOT EXPECTING ANYTHING.  I was so surprised. I think it even helped my mental altertness.
I get massages everywhere I go, all over the country and Palma's techniques are awesome. I've had Chinese, Korean and every kind of massage possible. She always has candles and beautiful music but her hands seem intuitive to what my body needs. She zones in on it, takes care of it and I always leave feeling totally relaxed. I would recommend her highly.