Palma D. Cooper
Offers therapeutic massage and time honored asian relaxation and healing therapies: Reflexology, Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu in the Emerald Coast of Florida, Destin and St Petersburg area

Jin Shin Jyutsu by a Practitioner and as Self-Help

JIN SHIN JYUTSU is an ancient gentle art of harmonizing life energy in the body, born of innate wisdom and rediscovered in Japan, it is a way of accessing the body's own capacity to heal itself. Through the power of touch, it accelerates healing in a natural non-invasive, drug free manner.

Similar to Acupuncture but without needles, it is used as a preventive measure, relief of chronic conditions and also as emergency first-aid.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is valuable and beneficial as an adjunct to conventional methods of treatment.  Its gentle, non-invasive nature assures that its application is safe and does not interfere with other treatments.

It can be applied as self-help or by a trained practitioner, a session generally lasts about one hour.  It does not involve massage, manipulation of muscles, or use of drugs or substances.  It is a gentle art, practiced by placing fingertips (over clothing) on designated points on the body to help release blockages thus harmonizing and restoring smooth energy flow within the body.

As with the Eastern understanding of the invisible energy pathways that feed into our bodies, when one or more of the paths become blocked, the resulting stagnation can disrupt the local area and eventually dis-harmonize the complete path of energy flow. Holding these energy locks in combination can bring balance to mind, body and spirit.

For those with existing stress or health dis-harmonies, or for those simply wishing to participate actively in maintaining health, harmony and well being, the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu is a simple and powerful tool, available to all!


JIN SHIN JYUTSU SELF-HELP - Jin Shin Jyutsu ® is an ancient Japanese practice that balances the body’s energy, allowing it to function better and heal more quickly by using the fingers and hands to:

  • eliminate stress and fatigue
  • create emotional equilibrium
  • relieve pain
  • strengthen immune system
  • release neck, shoulder and back tension
  • improve breathing
  • promote mental clarity and focus

This Oriental system (pronounced gin shin jit-su), first documented in 712 AD, is based on the idea that our bodies contain several energy pathways similar to acupuncture meridians; that may become blocked, compromising health.

The Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu is a powerful tool for removing these blockages and available to all; applied personally through self-help techniques or by a trained practitioner.

Through the therapeutic Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu, our awareness is awakened to the fact that all that is needed for harmony and balance (physically, mentally, emotionally, digestively and spiritually) is within us.  We are never in disharmony because of what we lack, but because of what we have not released.

To experience the wonder of this Art, gently hold your thumb for a few minutes to help:

  • Digestion                                                            
  • Stress, “nerves”                    
  • Tension in the head, shoulders, lung
  • Worry, preoccupation, depression
  • Talking too much

Your hands are like jumper cables, recharging what they touch.  When we harmonize the fingers, we harmonize the entire circulation of life energy in our bodies.

Frequent application of these simple techniques facilitates the reduction of stress, tension and toxins that accumulate through normal daily living; increasing vitality, immune response and peace.